JUMPY is a twist off Lima Sky’s Doodle Jump. It features a main player (Jumpy), who’s goal is to climb up as high as possible by landing on different platforms. Jumpy faces a certain obstacles such as breakable and moving platforms.


How to play: Click the “run” button on your screen to start. Then move around using the left and right arrow keys. This game is simple and straight forward and great fun!

This is the start screen. You will start the game on the Ground, and as you jump, you can use the arrow keys to move from platform to platform.

This is a picture of a Moving Platform. To tell them apart from the regular platforms, you can look for a black outline and a colorful inside. The move  side-to-side across the screen.

This is a breakable platform. They are striped with a colored border. Upon contact with Jumpy they crumble and disappear, so you better move away from them fast! However, they won’t be gone for long because they will reappear after about 3 seconds.