Hammer Time

Hammer Time is my version of the 1976 classic, Whac-A-Mole. Use the hammer to hit as many moles as possible in the time limit!


How to play: Using your mouse, guide the hammer to hit as many moles as possible. By hitting a mole, you gain a point. Don’t be slow because you are also playing against a timer. Once that ends, the game is over.

This image displays the score, time, and hammer. The score increases when you hit a mole. The timer has 2000 ticks, which is about 35 seconds. Once it ends, the game is over. Lastly, the hammer is what you use to hit the moles. Drag your hammer to a mole, using the mouse, and click down to hit it.

This image displays the two types of moles. A regular mole, and a hit mole. Once you whack a regular mole with the hammer, it becomes a hit mole. Because of the change in facial expression, you will be able to determine which moles you can hit, and which ones you have already gotten to.