This page is a work in progress

This page showcases my engineering projects. I have created these using various machines and circuits; they were made by a laser cutter, 3D printer, vinyl cutter, 3D scanner, and other interfaces.


3D Head

The 3D Head was my favorite project I’ve made. First, I scanned my entire body with help from a friend. Then, I cropped the scan to consist only of my head and shoulders. Then, I used maker bot to edit my design. Finally, I sent my design to the 3D printer and printed it. The result was this design!


Raspberry Pi Video Camera

This camera I attached to the raspberry pi camera module to function as a security camera for my room. The recording worked, but I couldn’t access the video at other locations without making the video public to anyone who wants to watch it. I am going to reattempt it again, but it still functions when I am connected to the same wifi as the raspberry pi.


Family Portrait

This is a portrait of my family etched into clear acrylic.


Mom Plaque








For my mom’s birthday, I created an Adobe Illustrator file that would engrave the words “best mom” and cut out two holes. I strung a piece of string through the holes to make a hanging sign. I painted it and voila, the gift was complete!