Hammer Time

Hammer Time is my version of the 1976 classic, Whac-A-Mole. Use the hammer to hit as many moles as possible in the time limit!


How to play: Using your mouse, guide the hammer to hit as many moles as possible. By hitting a mole, you gain a point. Don’t be slow because you are also playing against a timer. Once that ends, the game is over.

This image displays the score, time, and hammer. The score increases when you hit a mole. The timer has 2000 ticks, which is about 35 seconds. Once it ends, the game is over. Lastly, the hammer is what you use to hit the moles. Drag your hammer to a mole, using the mouse, and click down to hit it.

This image displays the two types of moles. A regular mole, and a hit mole. Once you whack a regular mole with the hammer, it becomes a hit mole. Because of the change in facial expression, you will be able to determine which moles you can hit, and which ones you have already gotten to.

Bomb Game

Bomb Game is a two player dodging game! Compete against a friend on the same computer using the arrow keys and “wasd” to move around.


How to play: To start, use either set of keys, to move your player onto a colored square. Once both are in place the game will begin! You must try to avoid getting hit by the bombs. If you lose a life, you will come back until you’ve lost all 5. When you come back after you’ve lost a life, there is a brief period in which you are invulnerable, but it will pass so don’t depend on it for too long.

This is the home screen where the players have to find their way to the boxes. The emojis are the players, and also highlighted are the bombs which are your only threat.


These are the health bars which display how much longer you will live. They do not show how many lives you have.




JUMPY is a twist off Lima Sky’s Doodle Jump. It features a main player (Jumpy), who’s goal is to climb up as high as possible by landing on different platforms. Jumpy faces a certain obstacles such as breakable and moving platforms.


How to play: Click the “run” button on your screen to start. Then move around using the left and right arrow keys. This game is simple and straight forward and great fun!

This is the start screen. You will start the game on the Ground, and as you jump, you can use the arrow keys to move from platform to platform.

This is a picture of a Moving Platform. To tell them apart from the regular platforms, you can look for a black outline and a colorful inside. The move  side-to-side across the screen.

This is a breakable platform. They are striped with a colored border. Upon contact with Jumpy they crumble and disappear, so you better move away from them fast! However, they won’t be gone for long because they will reappear after about 3 seconds.




Shooty Game

Shooty Game is fun and addictive, so grab a friend, get out your computer, and try to destroy as many asteroids as possible!


How to play: Shooty Game has two main objectives. The first is to survive as long as possible by staying away from asteroids. Upon contact wth an asteroid you lose health. The second goal is to destroy lot’s of asteroids by shooting at them. Shooty Game requires the use of only 3 keys; the space bar, the up arrow, and the down arrow. Use the space bar to shoot, and the arrow keys to move up and down. Also, try to collect power ups which can increase your health, give you double lasers, and protect you from the asteroids!


The image above displays the health bar, and the laser. The health bar changes color, going from green, to yellow, to red, as your health decreases. The lasers are what the player shoots at the asteroids upon pressing the space bar. Also, in the top left corner in blue you can read your score which is the amount of steroids you have shot.

This is the first power up, double lasers. Instead of only one laser this power up lets you shoot out two at a time! Use them wisely because you only get 50.

The shield  is another power up. It prevents you from losing health from contact with asteroids.

This is the health power up icon. Shoot at it to give yourself more health!