Bomb Game

Bomb Game is a two player dodging game! Compete against a friend on the same computer using the arrow keys and “wasd” to move around.


How to play: To start, use either set of keys, to move your player onto a colored square. Once both are in place the game will begin! You must try to avoid getting hit by the bombs. If you lose a life, you will come back until you’ve lost all 5. When you come back after you’ve lost a life, there is a brief period in which you are invulnerable, but it will pass so don’t depend on it for too long.

This is the home screen where the players have to find their way to the boxes. The emojis are the players, and also highlighted are the bombs which are your only threat.


These are the health bars which display how much longer you will live. They do not show how many lives you have.