Shooty Game

Shooty Game is fun and addictive, so grab a friend, get out your computer, and try to destroy as many asteroids as possible!


How to play: Shooty Game has two main objectives. The first is to survive as long as possible by staying away from asteroids. Upon contact wth an asteroid you lose health. The second goal is to destroy lot’s of asteroids by shooting at them. Shooty Game requires the use of only 3 keys; the space bar, the up arrow, and the down arrow. Use the space bar to shoot, and the arrow keys to move up and down. Also, try to collect power ups which can increase your health, give you double lasers, and protect you from the asteroids!


The image above displays the health bar, and the laser. The health bar changes color, going from green, to yellow, to red, as your health decreases. The lasers are what the player shoots at the asteroids upon pressing the space bar. Also, in the top left corner in blue you can read your score which is the amount of steroids you have shot.

This is the first power up, double lasers. Instead of only one laser this power up lets you shoot out two at a time! Use them wisely because you only get 50.

The shield  is another power up. It prevents you from losing health from contact with asteroids.

This is the health power up icon. Shoot at it to give yourself more health!